About MYKA

From the performance The Night. Photo: Morten Arnfred

MYKA was established in 2013 by My Grönholdt (SE/DK) and Katya R. D. Nielsen (FO/DK), dancers and choreographers, educated from The Danish National School for Performing Arts. The company is now led by My Grönholdt.

MYKA produces innovative performances and installations for the youngest audiences and the grown ups in their lives – while communicating society’s current topic. The experiences occurs in sensual and magical universes with inspiration from natura, animals and natural phenomena. It is important that both short and tall people feel inspired and challenges.

Katya R. D. Nielsen and My Grönholdt

MYKA is a experiential piece of perfoming art, that creates exceptional universes for families – designed to strengthen the bonds between the family members.  MYKA provides a calm and magical space which truly brings both children and the grownups in their lives a collective meditative calmness, physical tranquility, mental stimulation and a true feeling of closeness. 

MYKA opens the eyes to a magical part of reality for everyone; big and small. At the heart of every show is a deep wish to share something heartfelt – as the company unfolds a current, relevant and important topic by way of a spiritual, magical universe. This creative transformation is inspired by nature, by animals and by natural phenomena.

MYKA’s core goal is to create real, close and meaningful interaction with its audiences – big and small. The children reflect themselves in their parents’ experience. They feel their parents’ experience, with a perception that is both mental and physical. For this reason, artistic quality is vital for the company. This results in is naturally ambitious, high-quality shows.

In parallel with this line of thinking, MYKA avoids all hierarchy in the artistic creation process. This means that the scenography is just as present as the choreography. Each part of the experience carries equal weight. It also means that the experiences can be equally effective in both performing arts spaces and visual arts spaces. The scenography is often 360 degrees space-installations – mostly created with direct inspiration from the visual arts.

From the performance Ocean. Photo: Morten Arnfred

The Method

MYKA specialises in creating magical, aesthetic and sensory performing arts experiences with exceptionally high artistic values. MYKA’s work is based upon its extensive research and studies concerning children’s’ perception. These studies have show that children naturally mirror their parent’s experiences. This means that should for example, the parents become bored when watching a piece of theatre made for children, this affects the child’s experience. The research indicates that children from as young as 4 months old experiences have a full sensory reaction to their parents, and that their development  is highly dependent on sensory stimulation.

MYKA begins with its research and thereafter draws on all the creative resources  at its disposal in the development of its work. The creative team also always make sure to include consultants and experts in every field they work in. The creative process is based on co-creation, brainstorming with artistic director My Grönholdt taking detailed notes throughout the process to reach clarity in the creative coherence of the work that emerges.

MYKA’s works are always about a very current topic. A strong example is climate change – a subject vitally important to many people, yet one which can seem very overwhelming for both children and adults. 

In MYKA’s universe, is translating the important and topical issues are translated, and brought to a magical universe – and suddenly Polar bears appear on stage and children and adults are transported to a new world, where big topics can be more easily digested, experienced and understood.

About My Grönholdt

My Grönholdt (1986) is a Swedish choreographer, dancer and performer based in Denmark. She is educated from The Danish National School for Performing Arts 2011, with internships with Sasha Waltz, Troika Ranch in Berlin and Katie Duck in Amsterdam.

Privately, My is a mother of three, trained yoga teacher specializing in birth, pregnancy, postpartum, children and families and has for the past 12 years taught dance for children, adolescents and families. My has been selected to be part of the Young Artistic Elite (Den Unge Kunstneriske Elite) by The Danish Arts Foundation, which has also supported My and MYKA as part of the House Artist Scheme (Huskunstnerordningen).

MYKAs Board

Lisbeth Klixbüll

Trine Heller Jensen

Karen Toftegaard

Chairperson Lisbeth Klixbüll, managing director, Aaben Dans in Roskilde
Karen Toftegaard, creative producer and managing director WILDTOPIA
Trine Heller Jensen, producer, Helsingør Teater

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