OCEAN is a dance performane and installation for 3 – 107 year olds. It’s about plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. 

In an ocean filled with plastic we dive on an underwater journey in a magical and poetic sea universe. Below the surface we meet waves, sea plants, sea animals and … plastic.

Tons of highly degraded plastic bags, plastic bottles and micro plastic are floating in the world’s oceans damaging the fish, the plants and maybe also human beings. How can we use less plastic and how can we do it in a smarter way than we do today?

OCEAN sparks reflections about plastic pollution embracing a hope for the future. The performance is based on installations in a cross disciplinary field. It is equally performed for both children and adults.

The audience is invited into the magical, cyclical and meditative universe of OCEAN – in their own terms. They can enter and leave as they wish during the 90 minutes of the performance.

Water is the element we know from pre-birth. The baby in the womb hears sounds, feels movements and experiences connection with the outside world through the mother’s emotions. MYKA invites pregnant women, preferably with a partner, to experience OCEAN, and feel the connection with the baby in the womb, which floats around in its own water universe.

Photo: Morten Arnfred

The team behind OCEAN

Concept: MYKA
Choreography: My Grönholdt
Scenography and costume design: Baum&Leahy and Emilie Alstrup
Music and sound design: Erik Christoffersen
Dancers: Julie Rasmussen and Vincent Jonsson
Light design: Sonja Lea
Consultants: Jon R. Skulberg and Dalija Acin Thelander
Photo and video: Morten Arnfred
Grafic design: Nete Banke/Imperiet
Administration: Jens Christian Jensen

Ocean premiered at Theatre Får302 25th May 2021

Ocean has been supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, Augustinus Foundation, Beckett Foundation, Island Connect residency program, Copenhagen Municipality and William Demant Foundation.

Photo: Morten Arnfred
Trailer for OCEAN – by Morten Arnfred
Photo: Morten Arnfred
Photo: Morten Arnfred
Photo: Morten Arnfred
Photo: Morten Arnfred
Photo: Morten Arnfred