UNTZ BABY UNTZ – an interactive dance performance where bass and techno meets children’s parties!

The performance is for everybody from 6 month to 100 years.

Photo: AdeY

Inspired by the club room’s magical world of pulse, smoke and neon lights UNTZ BABY UNTZ is born, an interactive dance performance where bass and beats are mixed with baby dance. Through bounce, groove and energetic freedom, the body, music and movement are at the center, where slow passages mix with faster. The show is aimed at babies and preschoolers and invites to a fun experience where they can move freely to explore through activity or rest.

No child should be forced to grow up without access to techno!

Photo: AdeY

Through UNTZ BABY UNTZ, MYKA invites the little ones to take their first steps into the magical world of techno. Scenography, dance, costume and music opens up for interaction that creates curiosity about color, shape, interaction and movement. We live in a time where it is important to remember to find joy, to laugh, dance and have fun together. UNTZ BABY UNTZ is a tribute to the intuitive dance, to the wild, crazy and happy that lives in us. UNTZ BABY UNTZ is a declaration of love for techno music and a show that wants to bring us together.

Photo: AdeY

UNTZ BABY UNTZ is divided into different age groups, where one group consists of the very youngest and their parents and the other groups of preschoolers with their leaders. The volume is adapted to small ears and the time chosen in consideration of the lunch nap. Changing diapers is no problem, changing tables are at hand. See you on the dance floor!

The creative process is based on co-creation, brainstorming and artistic director My Grönholdt writes a lot in the process to gain clarity about the creative coherence of the work that is emerging. With the performance UNTZ BABY UNTZ, the little ones are invited to experience techno, perhaps for the first time in their lives.

The team on and behind the scenes:

Concept: MYKA
Choreography: My Grönholdt in collaboration with the artistic team
Dance: Andrea Deres and Daniel Jeremiah Persson, alt. My Nilsson and Ray Roa
Set design and costume design: Tove Dreiman
Costume assistent: Fie von Veer
Music and sound design: Erik Christoffersen
Lighting design and technical producer: Filip Wilhelmsson
Technician: Julia Friberg
Consultants: Martin Forsberg and Dalija Acin Thelander
Photo and video: AdeY
Graphics and PR: Anna Paulnitz / Dansstationen
Administration: Jens Christian Jensen
Producer: Sofia Wickman
Co-production: MYKA and Dansstationen


The performance premiered at Dansstationen, Malmö, Sweden on August 26th, 2022.

Photo: AdeY
Photo: AdeY
Photo: AdeY
Photo: AdeY
Photo: AdeY