The Night

THE NIGHT is an interactive danceinstallation for babies in the age of 4 – 18 months and the grown ups in their life. The night often gets connected with no sleep when small children are in the house. However in this performance it is a positive and imaginative experience where both babies and their parents can let the imagination and senses go in a magical night-universe.

Photo: Morten Arnfred

The light of the moon, shadows, bodies and sparkling stars are harmonically accompanied by an organic soundscape. The floor is soft and the babies can move freely or just lie down and enjoy all the impressions. Two glowing dance creatures awakens and invites babies and their parents on a sensing journey into an harmonic and safe night world. Here they can litterally touch the sky – and the stars.

Photo: Morten Arnfred

The team behind The Night

Choreography: My Grönholdt together with the artistic team
Dancers: My Grönholdt and Julie Rasmussen
Scenography and costume design: Mie Riis
Composer: Erik Christoffersen
Light design: Mikkel Jensen
Production manager and builder: Rene F. Rasmussen
PR: Karen Toftegaard ApS
Consultants: Antoinette Helbing and Dalija Acin Thelander
Grafic design: Sarah Hedegaard Pedersen
Photo and video: Morten Arnfred
Producer: MYKA
Administration: Jens Christian Jensen 

The Night premiered at Zangenberg Theatre in Copenhagen 7th May 2018

The Night has been supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and BUPL.

Photo: Morten Arnfred
Photo: Morten Arnfred
Trailer to The Night – by Morten Arnfred
Photo: Morten Arnfred
Photo: Morten Arnfred